neat chic organizing will help you organize and decorate your home, your office and yourself. We will work with you to bring order, and teach you how to keep it that way.




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What People are Saying...

  • Michelle F.:
    Cathy helped so much. She has so many great ideas. She is supportive, positive, flexible and very easy to work with. After blending 2 households, my husband and I had quite a bit in our basement. I work so much that it was always difficult to get started in my free time. She helped me to decide what to donate and even gave me a list of places that accept different types of things. We then set up an easy system so that I could keep on top of things. Everything looks great and I would definitely recommend her. She really knows how to motivate you.
  • Barbara N.:
    I have a home-based business and Cathy helped me organize my home and business to improve my work effectiveness and my home peacefulness. I had intermingled my home and business throughout the house as my business grew and I spread things everywhere to find space. We defined areas for work, consolidated, and even got rid of some things I didn't need (which for me, is very hard). Now my home area is organized, my work area is well-defined, and I feel more sane. :o)
  • Susan H.:
    I used Cathy's services to declutter and decorate my bedroom. After having moved several times over the past 20 years, I had accumulated many clothes and knick-knacks that I no longer used or loved. It became very obvious once I moved into a smaller home that I needed to downsize. Plus, with all of the extra 'stuff' I never got around to painting my bedroom. Cathy helped me choose colors that matched my comforter and we created a very soothing environment. I found her to be non-judgemental but yet asked the right questions to help me make the decision to let some things go.
  • Julie C.:
    I could never say enough about how wonderful Neat Chic Organizing is! Cathy made it possible for me to move from an overstuffed home to a small apartment. She was SO patient with me, and so kind and understanding of all of my anxiety and emotions regarding my need to move. Best of all, when I decided to donate items, she took them and donated them for me! They didn't sit in a pile gathering dust waiting until I had the time to bring them to a donation center. It also helps with toys! My child never even realized that some of her items she had outgrown were gone, which made it much less emotional for her. I HAVE and WOULD recommend Cathy over and over again. She not only helps declutter, but teaches the skills needed to keep up with the organization!
  • Julie Ann P.:
    Cathy did a phenomenal job helping me organize my kitchen. I love the command center she helped me set up. And the best part is even though it's been a few months since she came, the system we put in place is still working great. My kitchen is still organized. I highly recommend investing in getting organized. It is such a huge breath of fresh air!
  • Carolyn M.:
    Cathy is just wonderful!! She is patient, non judgmental, calm, kind and very easy to work with! Did I mention she is patient? Because organizing can be emotional and Cathy understands that. I hired Cathy after I got married to help declutter my apartment and create a more welcoming, homey environment for my family. Not only did she organizationally "hold my hand" the whole way, but she helped set up systems for me and husband that make sense! This keeps us from falling back into those little habits that created the clutter in the first place. It is so nice to live in an space where "everything has it's place." I highly recommend Cathy and Neat Chic Organizing!
  • Linda S.:
    "Before Cathy helped me, I felt overwhelmed by the mess in my kitchen. I have a beautiful kitchen but I was too embarrassed to have friends over to my house. Cathy didn't just help me declutter my kitchen, she taught me how to keep it organized and clutter free. And I have been able to use the skills she taught me to organize other areas of my house. I love my kitchen and entertaining again!"
  • Mary F.:
    "Cathy was very kind and supportive throughout this process. The room looks great. However, the most important part of Cathy's service was her gentle and non-threatening manner. I remember her gentle reminder that "everything has a home." Life is much easier now when I remember those words. I don't spend hours searching for that photo, important document or a pair of gloves. You know the saying, "Give a man a fish and he has food for dinner. Teach a man to fish and he has food for life." Cathy helped me learn to "fish"/organize. People can change if given the right instruction and support!"